Marshall Mintz

About Dr. Marshall Mintz

Psychological health isn’t just about mental well-being; it also affects physical wellness and performance. Dr. Marshall Mintz has committed his career to helping individuals, teams, and organizations optimize both: sound mind, sound body.

“My consultation work is directed toward increasing personal effectiveness and resilience to adversity.  As a result, reducing anxiety, depression, confusion, and the many unnecessary battles with the world is achieved.  My work with athletes and human performance effectiveness can be exclusively devoted to sport behaviors, but includes an understanding of the whole athlete as a person in context.  Whether focusing on an individual, couple, family, organization or team, my training and experience enables a careful and thorough assessment of a problem in its context. This leads to exciting discoveries and changes for those seeking greater quality, effectiveness, joy and productivity in their personal, athletic or work lives.”

Specializing in the areas of sport psychology and organizational performance, Dr. Mintz is a most highly accomplished clinical and sport psychologist, licensed in New Jersey and South Carolina. Dr. Mintz has extensive experience in numerous athletic circles – particularly at the university, scholastic, and Olympic levels. A certified consultant of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, he is also named in the U.S. Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry of approved practitioners. He has provided sport psychology consulting services for the U.S. Rowing and Equestrian Teams, was the sport psychologist for the Olympic Rowing Team that won three medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and consulted with the NJ*NY Track Club in their preparation for the 2016 Rio Games.

Dr. Mintz is a clinical supervisor and contributing faculty member at Rutgers University’s Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. He has also served as a sport psychology consultant to numerous university athletic departments throughout New Jersey and New York.

A passionate speaker and author, Dr. Mintz was the keynote speaker for the American Athletic Conference Symposium, lecturer at the World Gymnastics Science Symposium, and is the creator of the Mind Your Game performance seminars. His work has been published in the Sport Psychology edition of the Journal of Applied School Psychology. He also authored chapters in texts on “Assessment in Applied Sport Psychology” and “Individual Commitment to Performance.”

Former president of the New Jersey Academy of Psychology, Dr. Mintz is also a member and former chair of the Practice Committee of Division 47 (Sport and Exercise Psychology) of the American Psychological Association. He currently serves as chair of the Sport Psychology Committee of the New Jersey Psychological Association.

Dr. Mintz earned his doctorate degree from Rutgers University and completed post-doctoral training in family therapy and psychosomatic disorders in the Department of Psychiatry of Philadelphia Children’s Hospital (also known as Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic). His second post-doctoral training was in marital and sex therapy. He also trained in intensive psychoanalytic treatment at the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis in New York City.

A competitive athlete himself, Dr. Mintz was a finalist at the National Championships of the Intercollegiate Rowing Association, a qualifier and competitor in the New Jersey State Open and Amateur Golf Championships, and a three-time Club Champion.

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