Sports Psychology and
Performance Psychology Services

sports psychology

The value of sports psychology to athletes is best confirmed by research conducted with United States Olympic Team athletes. The Olympic athletes rated sport psychology services in the top three factors contributing to their success – and a service they desired more of to help them reach the medal stand.

Proper preparation, practice intensity, handling of adversity, consistency of training, motivation, recovery from injury, effective communication with coaches, managing competition-day emotions and overall team cohesion are elements strengthened by sport psychology services.

To quote legendary golfer Bobby Jones, “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course… the space between your ears.” Athletes spend countless hours in strength, conditioning and technical training –  all influenced by mental activity. Learning to harness the skills, knowledge and approaches of sport psychology is the secret weapon.

As a licensed psychologist and sport psychology consultant, Dr. Marshall Mintz helps improve the performance of:

  • Individual athletes
  • Coaches
  • Teams
  • Performance artists
  • Business organizations

Performance Anxiety, Underachievement and Motivation

The Pressure Within… The “yips,” “choking,” “collapsing down the stretch,” “underachievement.” They’re all signs of anxiety and pressure hurting results. The demands, judgments and decisions we place on ourselves – or are imposed on us by others – can disrupt our desired level of performance. Too much intensity and extreme emotional reactions create performance anxiety, tension and lowered effectiveness. You can optimize your motivation and intensity levels by developing strong mood and self-regulation abilities.

Injury Recovery and Pain Management Psychology

Research supports the role of psychological factors contributing to the occurrence of and recovery from injury. The rehabilitation process, as well as the management of injury and training pain, are also strongly impacted by psychological factors. Understanding your injury and managing the psychological factors can shorten the recovery process and build resilience.

Athletic and Business Performance Enhancement

To be more effective and efficient requires work on attention and concentration, practice and competition behaviors, proper routines and mastery of all spheres of optimal functioning. Identifying your areas that require strengthening, and those that need to be changed, leads to improved performance and results.