Andrew Sweat Concussion makes Sweet Decision

Andrew Sweat graduated from Ohio State with a degree in finance, was a three-time Academic All-Big Ten Conference selection, a four-time OSU Scholar-Athlete, and interned at Merrill Lynch. This acadmeically achieving bright athlete made a thoughtful and I’m sure challenging decision. He played football at the highest collegiate level, yet understood the dire consequences posed by continued concussions. In the CNN article , there were some tweated reactions which questioned the sense of Sweats decision. Those who question Sweats decision have little regard for the long term consequences of TBI( aka concussions). They also would seem to have an exaggerated valuing of chasing the “almighty buck” and the percieved glamour of pro ball at the expense of one’s health, happiness, and future family experiences. Have a great life and law career Andrew Sweat, you made the “Sweet Choice”.